abr 15 2011

LifeChurch.tv Network

Matthew 10:8 (NIV ©2011)

“…Freely you have received; freely give.”

Long time no see, dear blog. I usually write in Spanish, but this has to be in English.

On October 2010 I had the chance to finally meet the Network, no more chat avatars, no more names without faces. Real people. I don’t have to tell that flying from La Paz (Bolivia) to Oklahoma City (US) was the craziest thing I ever did. I took 4 different planes, to get there; departed 4 times and arrived other 4, not to mention that I had to repeat the same thing to get back home, but totally worth it.

The first time I noticed LifeChurch.tv was because of Chazow, one of Craig Groeschel’s books; that was the starting point to get close to this amazing church, but one thing that really got me was their “Kingdom minded” heart. The more I knew from them, the more I realized we had the same DNA. Since the beginning of Jazôn, even earlier, we had the goal of sharing every resource we had for free. I have served at church for over 18 years as a volunteer, I grew by giving for free, not earning a single penny and that was one of our foundation statements, then we contacted LifeChurch.tv and guess what, they did that too, and still doing.

We became partners, but I see them as big brothers. Meeting them at OKC was amazing, warm people, real brothers. That was the first time we were meeting, but it felt like we knew each other from a lifetime. It was like being home. I made so many friends that I don’t need to mention them, they know who they are. From Philippines to L.A., from Australia to Canada, caring people, Kingdom minded people… and they shared everything; I been taught, I been ministered and supported. This Network is more than a bunch of pastors gathering together; it really is a community, a group of spiritual covering and a place of accountability. Everyone received free from God, so everyone gives for free. Amazing.

The Network keeps growing, so is our friendship. I know we can count on them and they know that somewhere in ht middle of South America, in a small country called Bolivia, they have a home, a place.

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  1. steveharrison

    Good word Carlos! What a pleasure to meet you brother. So cool to know that I have a friend in Bolivia that has a similar heart and mind for others, specifically leading folks to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Excited to get together again, I love my brother Carlos in Bolivia!

  2. Hector Humerez

    The same DNA, cool, like I’ve heard from Max Lucado before, If you see Jesus and you see a brother, I see Jesus and I see a brother, then we look each other and we see family.

  3. Carlos Alberto

    Great to see your message Hector! And yes… I see a family here! Let me know if we can serve you in any way.
    Blessings brother!


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